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Technology | | 6 Min.

Cloud is now!

Why should companies move their HR processes to the cloud? In this article, we provide you with a few good reasons that speak for SaaS solutions. Especially when it comes to workforce management.

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Technology | | 5 Min.

The Roaring 2020's…

Which trends will determine the market for workforce management in the coming years? We talked about this with our Executive Director Product Management, Markus Wieser. Enjoy reading.

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Eine zukunftsfähige Allianz - Hände ein Turners an Ringen
Technology | | 5 Min.

A forward-looking alliance

Learn all about our successful partnership with SAP. Alexander von Fritsch, Managing Director SMB Sales & Alliances at ATOSS Software AG, explains the background, as well as the aims and objectives.

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Technology | | 6 Min.

Move into the Cloud

Business Software from the Cloud? This article not only outlines the potentials of the cloud, but also elucidates the advantages of operating software solutions in the cloud.

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Stronger performance thanks to agility
Productivity | | 5 Min.

Across all sectors, rapid adaptability to changing conditions and market situations is the name of the game. What are the characteristics of agile organizations and how are they attained? Read on …

Are we all agile, or what else?
Productivity | | 6 Min.

Greater agility and decision-making scope for employees can be achieved in just a few clear-cut steps. This article will provide you with some ideas on how to implement this in actual practice.

New Work needs mobility!
Working Environment | | 6 Min.

We are getting up and running in the new year with an interview about New Work. We spoke with Anna Kaiser, founder and managing director of Tandemploy, about the challenges involved. Have fun reading.

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