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Logistics | | 8 Min.

A view from the kitchen table

How is the logistics sector affected by the current crisis? We take a look at how companies are dealing with the special situation and which factors are important. Enjoy reading our newest blog post.

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Heute bestellt heute geliefert - Mann mit Luftballsons
Logistics | | 4 Min.

Ordered today, delivered today

Customers are becoming increasingly fond of same-day deliveries. Consequently, logistics companies will have to drive their efficiency forward. Read the key facts here.

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Logistics | | 5 Min.

The course to logistics 4.0

Digitization is one of the main challenges logistics is facing. This also includes the optimization and automation of HR processes. Our article elucidates the four dimensions of optimized shift planning.

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Take the chance now!
Working Environment | | 7 Min.

During the crisis, measures taken by New Work make a significant contribution to maintaining orderly business operations. How should companies act right now? In conversation with Marc Wagner.

In good times and bad times
Working Environment | | 6 Min.

In times of crisis, it is clearer than ever before how important it is to use valuable manpower in a way that meets the needs of the market. This is precisely where workforce management is a valuable companion. 

Stronger performance thanks to agility
Productivity | | 5 Min.

Across all sectors, rapid adaptability to changing conditions and market situations is the name of the game. What are the characteristics of agile organizations and how are they attained? Read on …