ATOSS and SAP cooperating on workforce management

We spoke with Alexander von Fritsch, Managing Director SMB Sales & Alliances at ATOSS Software AG, about the background and objectives of the partnership.

You are cooperating with SAP. What exactly is it all about?

We have integrated our working time management and workforce scheduling solution with the cloud-based personnel management system SAP SuccessFactors. This means that SuccessFactors users have access to the full range of our workforce management solutions. Together with SAP partner PENTOS we have developed an interface enabling direct access to our enterprise solution ATOSS Staff Efficiency Suite. This creates a powerful platform with which all relevant HR processes can be mapped in a cloud solution.

What aims and objectives are you pursuing with this cooperation?

Together we are supporting companies according to a best-of-breed approach in digitizing and optimizing their HR processes. This leaves more time for the essential. The fact that the concept works shows the great interest in the market. Customers like Vetter Pharma International, Digitec Galaxus or Grenke are already relying on this powerful combination.

Just how digital are companies today in the field of human resources?

We have been observing for a long time that HR is no longer perceived as a pure support function in the company. Management has recognized the growing importance of this area in recent years and is increasingly integrating it into the strategic safeguarding of their success. The role as a business partner, however, also poses challenges for those responsible. In this context, many HR departments regard digitization as a genuine opportunity. Nevertheless, there is still a great deal of catching up to do in many areas.

What are the challenges facing HR departments?

The work is becoming more demanding, the volume of relevant data that flows into the processes is trending upwards. Consequently, the demand for solutions that are capable of managing this complexity is developing accordingly. While there are already promising approaches and best practices, surprisingly, many companies are still in the early stages of software deployment. The potential of the networked use of data and information, however, is definitely very high.

What strategy are you pursuing in accompanying customers on their digitization course?

First, we want to ensure that our customers can concentrate on their core business. Consequently, workforce management in the cloud is an important pillar of our offerings. Systems that do not run on the company's own infrastructure reduce input and costs. Moreover, companies quite simply remain more flexible in the long term.

So how does SAP SuccessFactors enter the picture despite your own cloud solution?

In addition to the ATOSS Cloud, we consistently rely on partnerships such as that with SAP SuccessFactors in the meaning of a platform approach. In this way, all the relevant processes can be covered by the best solutions on the market, thereby creating the greatest possible added value for customers.

How are your customers benefiting?

The reduction of complexity is probably the greatest benefit. Personnel management, working time management and workforce scheduling are all from a single source, even though different players are involved with their special solutions. Only the performance of the overall system becomes visible. Duplicate data maintenance is eliminated, so end users only need to concentrate on one central access point for all important HR processes. Plus, customers benefit from the advantages of a cloud solution. As already stated: We want our customers to be able to concentrate on their core business.

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