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Technology | | 6 Min.

Cloud’s the future

How are companies using the cloud? What trends can be identified with a view to the future? Read the details in this article and we'll show you best practices for digital workforce management from the cloud.

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Technology | | 5 Min.

What is the trend?

Artificial intelligence? Natural language user interfaces ? What influence do these and other technological trends have on workforce management software? In this article we will reveal it to you. Have fun.

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Technology | | 6 Min.

Cloud is now!

Why should companies move their HR processes to the cloud? In this article, we provide you with a few good reasons that speak for SaaS solutions. Especially when it comes to workforce management.

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Working Environment | | 5 Min.

The drive for diversity

Nowadays, the requirements of different generations must be integrated into the daily work routine - to the benefit of both the company and its employees. Diversity is also needed in the organization of working hours.

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Working Environment
| 6 Min.
New Work needs mobility!

We are getting up and running in the new year with an interview about New Work. We spoke with Anna Kaiser, founder and managing director of Tandemploy, about the challenges involved. Have fun reading.

| 7 Min.
Change is pain

How can companies master digital transformation? What do companies have to pay attention to in order stay abreast of the mega-trend? An interview with transformation expert Sabine Kluge. We hope you’ll enjoy reading our interview.